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Mokuhanga Conference IN KYOTO June 7-9, 2011

Location of venues: Sakyo-ku, Okazaki park, in vicinity of Kyoto Municipal Art museum and Heian Jingu shrine
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Tuesday, 7 15-21 Delegates check-in, Opening party
Wednesday, 8 9-17 Workshops and demonstrations at Kyoto Kaikan and Miyako Messe
Thursday, 9 10-15 Open portfolio show at Kyoto Kaikan, workshops at Miyako Messe and Kyoto International Community House (located in walking distance from Okazaki park)
Thursday, 9 17- Buses take delegates to Awaji Island

Mokuhanga Conference IN AWAJI ISLAND June 10-11, 2011

Venue: Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center

Friday, 10 9-17 Keynote, Presentations, Panel discussions
Saturday, 11 9-17 Presentations, Panel discussions, 19- Closing party
Sunday, 12 9- Optional Tour (destination will be announced later)

Please note that the IMC2011 Office reserves the right to revise the conference schedule as outlined above in the case of an unforeseen event.