In the West Japanese woodblock printmaking, mokuhanga, is generally known as “the Ukiyo-e technique”. Although new applications of this old printing method have been adapted by many contemporary artists, and ukiyo-e prints have been widely studied by academic researchers, some important elements of the Japanese print tradition have not yet been thoroughly investigated. The world of Japanese printmaking craftsmen and their tool and material suppliers is still surrounded by language barriers and culural moats. One important aim of the International Mokuhanga Conference is to find suitable ways to remove those obstacles and bring the treasured skills and tools of these craftsmen into greater understanding and appreciation.

Another aim of the Conference is to offer a forum for mokuhanga concept exchange by means of exhibitions, workshops, presentations and seminars. The conference will provide an excellent opportunity to meet woodblock printmaking colleagues from different countries as well as get a unique hands-on experience in one of the most enduring traditional Japanese crafts.


  1. Connecting artists with mokuhanga carvers and printers
  2. Connecting artists with mokuhanga related suppliers and papermakers
  3. Connecting international artists through study and exposure to the theory and
    practice of relief printmaking
  4. Contact with Japanese culture and the wider mokuhanga tradition

Non-toxic watercolor woodblock printmaking is gaining more interest outside Japan. By building bridges between traditional craftsmen and toolmakers, and international print professionals, we believe a new and beneficial collaboration and networking community will naturally result.