The Conference will be held in two places:

Part One: KYOTO

The first half of the event takes place in Kyoto, where the delegates and participants of the conference will have an opportunity to take part in workshops and learn new ways of expression through demonstrations and mokuhanga exhibitions. The hands-on experiences and visual stimulus in Kyoto will be an inspiring background for further discussions in Awaji.


The second half of the conference takes place in Awaji island, the home place of “Nagasawa Art Park Japanese Printmaking Program”. In Awaji the conference offers the participants the latest information in the field of mokuhanga in form of lectures, panel discussions and presentations. This will be an excellent opportunity to exchange personal experiences with colleagues and create a firm base for worldwide network of mokuhanga artists.

The Conference organizers have had Mokuhanga projects in both cities and abroad, and thus have excellent contacts to local craftsmen, Japanese tool- and papermakers, printmakers and teachers of printmaking. The organizers respectfully dedicate this conference to them and hope that the event will become a stage where international artists meet Japanese craftspeople and toolmakers in good comradeship and with relaxed mood.

* Keiko Kadota has organized international mokuhanga printmaking collaboration programs and Nagasawa Art Park Japanese printmaking programs in Awaji city since 1994

* Tuula Moilanen has studied mokuhanga techniques and Japanese ukiyo-e in Kyoto since 1989, and has arranged several international workshops with Japanese mokuhanga and papermaking craftsmen since 1992