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  1. Introducing the new International Board Members for 2015-2017 
  2. A message from the IMC2017 Host

1. Introducing the new IMC International Board members and announcing Claire Cuccio as Chair and Ralph Kiggell as Vice-Chair

IMC International Board (IB) Members 2015-2017:

2. A message from the Chair of the Local Committee of the IMC2017 Hawaii

IMC2017 Hawaii

IMC 2014 Tokyo was held at the Tokyo University of the Arts with the Satellite events held at the 3331 Arts Chiyoda complex. It was very rich experience and a celebration of art and culture that seems to have happened just yesterday.
During the conference, we exchanged some thoughts about holding the next IMC abroad to benefit many Japanese interests. Holding the conference outside Japan would offer Japanese craftsmen and young Japanese printmakers an opportunity to see how Japanese mokuhanga is used in the West, and to see Western views of Mokuhanga and its future possibilities. This is the only way to bring such an awareness to them, and to interest them in the rich learning experiences and development made possible by international exchanges and networking with Artist-in-Residence Programs. It will help strengthen the relationship among all the interests and beyond and sustain the lives of printmakers and craftsmen.

At the 2014 IMC Hiroki and Setsuko Morinoue discussed the possibility of hosting the next conference in Hawaii, since that location offers good support for Japanese artists and craftspeople who may have have language and cultural barriers to face during the first trip outside Japan.
We approached Prof. Charles Cohen at the University Hawaii Manoa and the Honolulu Printmakers’ Executive Director Duncan Dempster to support the Conference as Site Co-Chairs on the island of Oahu, since this event will be hosted by IMC2017 Hawaii Local Committee under the Donkey Mill Art Center, on the island of Hawaii, “the Big Island.”
The key players on Oahu and Hawaii as well as many dedicated individuals are lining up as we move forward. We are very excited to collaborate and willing to work hard to make this event a success and to celebrate across the state

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